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Director/Lead 3D Artist

Chantel is the Creator and Director of Little Pink Clouds and their first game, Letters To Arralla. As well as being a 2D/3D Artist and Junior Producer, she enjoys creating rich, vibrant worlds filled with childhood nostalgia! Outside of games, she enjoys making pottery, eating chicken nuggets and looking for snails in her garden.

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Alex Minenna (she/they)

Narrative Designer/Lead Writer

Alex Minenna is a writer and community manager. She is responsible for the narrative design of Letters to Arralla and has touched every line of dialogue in the game. When they’re not writing she’s working at the City of Melbourne Libraries service, playing games, wrangling her chaotic cat or rereading Gideon the Ninth, again. 

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Technical Artist

Mickey is a Technical Artist & Art Generalist - they are leading the tech art on Letters to Arralla, as well as helping with Art Direction and Project Management. Mickey hopes to one day meet Big Foot.


Bailey is a 3D Artist with a passion for creating assets based on real life scenes & objects, with a stylised twist. Working on Letters to Arralla has been a perfect opportunity for designing these fun, playful concepts & models. In his downtime, Bailey loves a disco boogie, playing frisbee & eating the odd potato chip (or bag).

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Ben Houghton (he/him)

Audio Designer

As Audio Designer on Letters To Arralla, Ben Houghton brings a love of nature and exploration together with years of experience working with sound and audio production. A variety of field recordings and highly localised sounds bring the island of Arralla and its inhabitants to life with just the right balance of immersion, uniqueness and quirky humour!

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Rhiannon Ross (she/her)


Rhiannon is a Programmer who spends her time bending Unity 3D into her desired shape for games, mobile apps, and the odd interactive art installation. When she's not making things she's probably playing Final Fantasy 14 or a rhythm game, or reading a book with a nice cup of tea.

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Monica Keeler (she/her)

Marketing Artist/Web Designer

Monica is an illustrator and graphic designer. Within Little Pink Clouds she has leant herself to designing it's brand identity, marketing material, merch and this website! Monica likes to unwind with pasta, a tipsy karaoke session & visits to the beach. 

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Danna Yun (she/her)


Danna is a Composer, Arranger, and Singer-songwriter with a knack for writing easygoing, colourful tunes. She is making music for Letters To Arralla, currently combining folk and indie styles to create a fresh flavour for the game. Outside of Little Pink Clouds, Danna is working on music for Spiritwell and peeling oranges to satiate her citrus cravings.

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